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Company profile

OM GREEN WELLNESS (OMW) is much more than the name of our company. It is our passion and our story.

OMW is an Israeli company which was co- founded in 2015 by three entrepreneurs who specialize in cultivation development research and commercialized agricultural products.

The initial focus of the company was on growing and doing research on the Kalanchoe plant species. We have studied the properties of the plant and improved its active ingredients to what we believe are its maximal levels.


OMW experts over the years made many different growing researches in order to upgrade different types of crops and to acclimatize them to the local weather- thus getting to maximum results, so this new and unique specie can now be used sustainably in various products, leveraging its antioxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-viral qualities.

To support its goals, OMW is collaborating with leading formulators, Israel Agricultural Research Organization and Ministry of health combined and the US Department of Health guidelines.

Our goal is to use our unique specie of Kalanchoe draigremontiana to   put various applications on the global market, helping people with their own skin damages and to make a real difference in people's quality of life.

Our leading products of the PRO K LAB brand are:

Pro k Hemokare : A groundbreaking relieving cream for Hemorrhoids.

Pro k Varicoskare: An advanced formula that rapidly reduces pain and has a crucial effect on varicose veins.

Pro k Psorikare: A new development gel to relief psoriasis symptoms and other skin demages.

Our story

Fifteen years ago, while I was suffering from a very bad diabetic lesion in my foot and was a month before having an amputation surgery, I met someone who told me about a special type of plant that he grows and researches which might help the wound get better. At that time I was depressed because of the situation of losing my foot in the near future and felt like I've nothing to lose if I tried something new.

After few weeks of use, I saw a significant improvement and reported my doctor. It was a tremendous moment when the doctor saw my foot and was shocked. At that point, my foot was nearly completely healed and the amputation surgery was not an option anymore.

Since then I've been researching the plant and with my business partners ,managed to learn about the great properties of the plant and improve its active ingredients so that it can now be used in various products, leveraging its anti oxidant, anti bacterial and anti viral qualities.

After a couple of years of adapting the plant cultivation in order to maximize specific properties and values, we created formulations for important use cases and applications which will be on the global market shortly. Our goal is for others to experience what I was privileged to several years ago – people with skin damage and other issues get better with this plant product.

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