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A relief crème formula for hemorrhoids based on a unique species of the succulent 'Kalanchoe bryophyllum Daigremontiana' extract, which naturally contain active ingredients with anti-bacterial & antioxidant capabilities.

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Pro k Varicosekare

PRO K VARICOSEKARE is a unique formula based on Kalanchoe extract which contains multi vitamins and flavonoids that rapidly reduce pain and have a crucial effect on varicose veins. 

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Kalanchoe has an outstanding capability for healing wounds and mitigating inflammations. The fresh mashed kalanchoe leaves can heal a wound and stop severe pain. Kalanchoe succus can be used to cure skin rash, eczema and other skin diseases... read more>>

In traditional medicine, some kalanchoe species have been used to treat ailments such as infections, rheumatism and inflammation. Kalanchoe extracts also have immunosuppressive effects and being used as a traditional treatment for hypertension... read more>>

Kalanchoe's active ingredients & Biochemical composition. The kalanchoe succus has a variety of useful properties because of the large availability of biologically active agents... read more>


Kalanchoe is an evergreen plant native to Madagascar- Africa. This plant commonly grown in homes in the Caribbean and Jamaica typically need to be protected from frost, also grown outdoors in part sunlight. intense sun can cause the leaves to burn... read more>

Kalanchoe is a genus of over 125 species of succulent mainly native to Madagascar and tropical Africa... read more>

We grow the new species of the Kalanchoe plant in our own farm in Israel which has the consistent and conducive climate all year round, and with professional supervision of the company experts... read more> 

Kalanchoe Plant

Diverse Healing Abilities

Outstanding capability to heal wounds and mitigate inflammation
Moshe story

Fifteen years ago, while I was suffering from a very bad diabetic lesion in my foot and was a month before having an amputation surgery, I met someone who told me about a special type of plant that he grows and researches which might help the wound get better. At that time I was depressed because of the situation of losing my foot in the near future and felt like I've nothing to lose if I tried something new.

After few weeks of use, I saw a significant improvement and reported my doctor. It was a tremendous moment when the doctor saw my foot and was shocked. At that point, my foot was nearly completely healed and the amputation surgery... Read More>>


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